ILLY PEREZ is a Fashion Liaison specializing in styling, branding and creative direction based in Miami, FL receiving her Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising & Business with 6+ years of industry experience working along start-ups, wholesale, & local businesses

Career/Professional Background & Present.
Iliana “illy” Perez is a fashion editor, marketer, stylist, & coordinator based in Miami.
Specializing in all things fashion related such as , editorial styling, fashion production, small business marketing and consultancy. Completing her Bachelors in Fashion Business at the Miami International University of Art & Design. She began her creative venture early at the age of 12 through photography, editing, self-modeling and digital design. After graduating high-school she went off to college to pursue a career in the business of fashion. Interning and working with small businesses, designers, manufactures & startups such as A7 Jeans, Fox House, Designer Julian Chang,  Maker's Shoes. In addition she has worked and assisted in various fashion production shows such as  Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis, Miami Fashion Week, Funkshion - to name a few.  Through out her experience she has equipped an array of multifaceted skills such as visuals, design, writing, creative direction, photography, collaboration, social media, styling, and production.  
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